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Hi guys,

First time I have posted here for the many years I have looked at it :)

So the question I have is:

I'm currently planning a new system build, got most of it sorted out and have decided to go for the EVGA X58 SLI Classified motherboard. As far as I can tell, fantastic board with lots and lots of cool features but I only have one problem with it, and that is the PCI-E x1 slot on the board under the chipset heat pipes. From what I have seen an X-Fi Fatal1ty will fit there just fine but I have decided to go for the Asus Xonar D2X which by looks alone I think is longer than the X-Fi card.

So my question is will the sound card be able to fit into that space without getting obstructed by that little bit of annoying heat pipe sticking out of the chipset cooler?


Once looking at this you should know what I am talking about, it is located under the first 5 letters of "Classified" writen on the chipset cooler.

It shouldn't be a problem if the card cannot fit there, as far as I know you can fit a PCI=E x1 card into a PCI-E x16
, correct me if I am wrong.

Any help on this matter would be helpful and highly regarded.

Thanks for taking some interest :)

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  1. Hi, the answer to your question is no. I have both sound cards. The fatality fits fine but the Xonar is too long.
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