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Posted on Tom's on the main page. Google to watercool an entire data-center with sea water...what are your thoughts? Cool or gimmicky?
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  1. really cool idea, but i'm just a little hesitant
    if water coolers using pure, distilled water gets algae and other gunk developing around blocks after a while, what would sea water do to blocks?
    environmental impact may be questionable if alot of people start doing it
  2. I'm guessing they are using a different approach than the usual tubing/block configuration. Thinking it would be some kind of intermediary for the actual heat exchange, like a heatpipe solution to provide the contact area. They mention it being a direct heat exchange, so it is possible they have an actual 'loop' for this, but I'm not sure if this would be the most manageable solution...their ideas of direct heat exchange on a datacenter level might be different than ours. I know there are some datacenters that use a large waterloop/heatpipe system which then uses a heat exchanger for hot/cold air exchange, so maybe this is as 'direct' as it gets. Running sea water through a lot of server blocks is just asking for corrosion and buildup inside that would cause failure on a mission-critical server. It would be interesting to see a schematic of how this works.
  3. They may be doing something like this as the technology has been around for some time now.

    They would probably still need a conventional closed loop water cooling solution to make this work effectively thou would be my guess.
  4. Correct...which is what I believe them to be doing in a sense. It isn't direct watercooling, but more indirect by value of closed loop+heat exchanger with the open loop saltwater cooling to essentially act as a slush box on the heat exchanger, removing heat using water vs. having air dissipate the heat in a conventional water loop.

    Good find.
  5. ROFL

    Heat exchanger is the way forward, just shows I was on the right track Unfortunately still missing a couple of key components for my build so will have to wait a few days.

    Seawater in Finland is low in salinity so long as all areas exposed to sea water as non salt reactive it'll work fine

  6. Yeah, you should definitely post up some pictures once you have it working. A very interesting build for sure.
  7. weak..heat is energy ,why not closed loop with the hot water heating the surrounding population ,with the returned pipes/submerged heat exchangers for final cool down ?
  8. Thinking they aren't quite generating enough heat energy for that to be a viable option.
  9. I think it's pretty awesome. I mean, ***, nuclear power plants are using sea water cooling.
  10. That doesn't make it "awesome". It's an old idea.
  11. Being awesome doesn't have to mean being original...
  12. ^Hahahaha...that should become your sig.
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