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Hello everyone!

I'm a beginner when it comes to overclocking. Last time I overclocked something was when I was 12. The cpu I overclocked was a Pentium 2 with 200mhz XD. Can't remember how high I got it.

I recently overclocked my E4500 core 2 duo 2.2ghz 2mb L2 cache up to 3025Mhz. So far it's stable, running prime95 for about 30 minutes now.
Monitoring my temps as well, with prime 95 running, highest I've gotten was 51C on the cpu(using speedfan for temps) at 100% usage with the torture test.

Core speed: 3025mhz
Multiplier: 11x (didn't change this in bios)
Bus speed: 275Mhz(under load)
Rates FSB: 1100mhz (turned this up from 800, it was on auto when I changed it)
VCore: 1,33750V(changed this from auto mode)

All these except the multiplier fluctuate(using CPU-z to monitor them) for some reason, is that normal?

This is my system:
- Asus P5NE-SLI [/url for specs]
- E4500 2.2ghz, 2mb L2
- 2x A-data DDR2 2gb sticks, DRAM FREQ: 400mhz
- Silent & Cool Blue storm 2 500W PSU(quite unknown brand to me at least, but it was cheap and so far it's been holding up quite well)
- GTX 260 OC 896mb(non 216 core)

Earlier I tried setting the FSB to 1172 to achieve over 3,2Ghz that gave me a BSOD. I lowered the fsb till 1120, giving me 3,1Ghz. After running Prime95 for about 5 mins it gave me an error and few seconds later it BSOD'ed. I tried running 3,2Ghz thinking maybe I need to give it more VCore, I tried various values up to 1,4V, but no avail.

So my question, is it possible to get it running stable at around 3,2Ghz or more? My ram and psu are quite shabby I can understand, but I wanna get the max possible. This is a test pc :D, so I'm not afraid to go nuts, but usually it just won't start so damage isn't guaranteed.

I'm a newbie, if you have any recommendations on how to make it run faster or optimize it to squeeze out the last drop of performance, please let me know! :D

PS: My case is well cooled and the cpu is running a aftermarket cooler a very cheap one, but the difference from the stock one on idle was huge
stock: 37-42C
aftermarket: 28-32C
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  1. Your FSB clock is 1172 MHz. Your FSB freq is 293 MHz. Try setting your memory to "Linked" for a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio.

    If that isn't stable, try setting your memory to "Unlinked" and manually setting your mem clock to 586 MHz.

    You might be able to push your core speed up a little more. Or, you just may have reached the limits of your CPU.

    Don't worry about trying to overclock your RAM. The loss of stability is not worth the minimal gain in performance.
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