Bad RAM? What do you think??? It's a DELL topic!

Okay. So I got this Dell Dimension 8300 here I'm fooling with and after two support sessions with those retards they've determined from my BSOD "***STOP error numbers or what ever they do to make the assumption, I got bad RAM.

Long story short. So, I contact Dell they guide me through to default the BIOS because someone's f***** it up and now I get BSODs. Boot up was always a little finicky cause you had to manually punch F1 to continue and that's why Dell said to default the BIOS.

I've swapped every socket with each stick and still the same BSOD (numbers and all) and this all happened after the f****** BIOS defaults were loaded. Not that the BIOS wasn't already f***** up to begin with but now I get nowhere.

Memtest86 v3.5 tells me there aren't any errors. Now how the hell is Memtest86 v3.5 gonna work with f***** up RAM?
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  1. You sir are a foul mouthed idiot. Call your friends back at Dell and ask them.
  2. jitpublisher said:
    You sir are a foul mouthed idiot. Call your friends back at Dell and ask them.

    "jitpublisher" your sir are just about an idiot yourself! I talked to Dell, twice! I don't want to ask them anymore so I'm asking the peeps in this f****** forum. How can I be foul mouthed when I've taken the courtesy to at least censor myself. YOU DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME YOU BI*** "jitpublisher." Now I didn't come to this forum to get bashed I came for some help and my language is none of your concern. Keep your comments to yourself prick!
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