Power Supply problems

specs-Coolmaster UCP 900w and the motherboard is crosshair III formula.

I have the 24 pin plug connected but what do I need to hook up to the EATV 12v plug on my mobo? It is a 4 pin slot but has a blk cover over it making it a 8 pin if needed. I really need help with what to hook up to that 4/8 pin slot.
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  1. Your psu has a 4+4pin power connector for that slot. Since you have 8 pins, take the cover off and plug in the whole thing.

    You could break that 4+4pin in half to use on other mobos that aren't as friendly as yours is.
  2. no 8 pin combo from the psu fits the slot so will 1 4 pin be enough ?
  3. the combo from the psu is are P2 and p3. The P3 fits the one that was originally open but the p2 cable does not fit the 4 pin slot that was cover up by blk cover. Any clues what to do?
  4. Nevermind! They had the diagram wrong P2 P3 seem to fit
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