PNY GTX285 won't work

I decided last month to build a computer. My motherboard is an Intel DP45SG. It has 8gb's of Corsair DDR3 memory. I bought a PNY GTX285 and can't get it to work. After that, I bought a XFX4850 and can't get it to work either. I have an Antec Earthwatts 750 so I don't think power is the issue. I've tried both cards in both of the slots. I went and picked up a card that doesn't need extra power in addition to the rail that it's hooked in to (VisionTek HD2600) and it works fine. The other two cards have similar issues. They both will have video so that I can see video for the Bios and for the loading screen of Windows screen and then it either just says no signal after that or I get a flash of a BSOD that's so fast that I can't read it and then reboots on it's own and goes through the cycle over and over until I turn it off.

Please help. I want to use it for gaming and want my nice video cards to work. I've had them for too long to return them so I just need to get them working. I can't believe that both cards are broken and I know both slots work since the HD2600 works fine.

I forgot to mention that I have a 24" View Sonic screen and I have a Core 2 Quad Q8200 CPU. I want to make it clear that I've had both booted in to Windows at times but I can't get either to boot consistently.
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  1. Anyone???
  2. If the lessor card that needs no power connect works, Id check my power cables to the gpu from the psu
  3. I tried using power cables that connect to the 12V1 and the 12V4 and neither works. I'm not sure what the difference is but neither work. One uses a red 8 prong plug and the other is 6. Neither work though.

    Thanks for the response.
  4. Im not familiar with your psu, but if those 6 and 8 pins are modular, reseat them at the psu also
  5. I'll try them again now. Also, there's a 4 prong molex on my mobo that says it's Auxiliary PCI Express graphics power connector (1 x 4 pin). Does that have to be used if I'm adding power to the video card separately? They've work without it and they've not worked with it so I'm not sure I see a difference. What's it for?
  6. Now that I think about it, the GTX285 worked until I installed the drivers off the website. Does that make any sense?
  7. Yes, maybe a driver issue. Redownload drivers, install etc. The 4 pin is an extra, can be used, but youve got what you need already, and since the 285 worked prior, which you didnt mention, it changes the focus onto the drivers, since thats the only thing thats changed, but check those connects too, you may have jostled something, but it looks to be a driver problem now
  8. You are all so helpful. Thanks.

    I used the 12V4 plug and was able to get the XFX4850 to get in to Windows. I'm having a hard time getting any drivers installed though. The disc won't let me install drivers. It says I have to get them online. When I go online to their website, it says the card is already registered and won't let me download the drivers.
  9. The mobo needs a 4 pin power connector for the cpu. It also has a 4 pin molex connector that gives added power to the pcie slots. As I recall, that needs psu power also.
  10. The 2400 worked, so, it has power to/thru the slots. No added power for the 2400,only thru the pci slot
  11. Without a driver, vga cards will operate in basic display mode so you can get into bios etc... At the desktop, 2d mode requires much less power than when it enters 3d mode as games take off. This would explain how the card operated before drivers were installed.

    I remember on a previous intel board I had that you needed to plug in a psu molex lead into the mobo near the pcie slot. It was needed to give the extra power to the slot that a high powered vga card might require. A GTX285 is a very high powered card.
  12. Interesting. Maybe its a possibility, low power allowing the 2400 to run, but not enough thru the pci to power the higher cards....even with the 6 pin....
  13. I couldn't get the drivers installed for the XFX4850 so I decided to take it out and try the GFX285. I didn't get a signal at all with that one so I decided to put the 4850 back in. The 4850 was in Windows but just didn't have the drivers installed and wouldn't have the proper resolution. Now that I put the 4850 back in, it won't get past the Windows loading screen. The bar goes across and then I hear the Windows sound but the screen goes blank. Is this a driver issue? How do I fix whatever is going on? Can I go in to Windows using the 2600 and fix the issue somehow?

    Also, I have the 4 pin molex that's near the PCI-E slot plugged in now. The 285 won't even show the BIOS. I'm not able to get any video out of that one right now. The 4850 will show the bar going across the screen and then I hear the Windows sound but the screen goes blank. The 2600 works fine.
  14. OK, first of all, youre corrupting your system by switching to ATI drivers nad nVidia drivers, without a full clean uninstall each time.
    It started with the driver change, Id start all over, using a uninstall, decide which card you want to use, then go into safe mode, and using driver cleaner, or driver sweeper,clean out anything from the other driver you arent going to use. Reinstall newly downloaded driver, and see what happens
  15. I'd much rather use the GTX285 and it worked when I had first installed Windows so I decided to start over. I'm in the process of installing Windows. I'm using the HD2600 to reinstall Windows and I have the GTX285 in the second slot. I'm not sure that it will do any good to have the 285 in the second slot but I figured I'd do it anyways. I'll finish my installation and then update on here how everything is going.
  16. Just use 1 card
  17. k. I'll stick with the GTX285. Thanks to everyone for helping me through this. I'll update once the install is complete.
  18. The 2 nVidia cards wont sli together anyways. And also, youll still be adding in just 1 more potential failure with nothing gained. Reducing hardware, as you check out problems is the first step, whether its ram, gpus etc, even over clocks
  19. The install is complete but I still get nothing out of the GTX285. I guess it's possible that it broke but that seems a little hard to believe.

    I'm able to get in with the XFX4850 so I guess I'll have to just stick with that card. Bummer. I really wanted to other to work. I guess I should be able to do most things I want to do with the 4850.
  20. Have it checked out in someone elses rig. It could just be a bad card, but at least you have the 4850 til then
  21. Why did you not justhave the 285 installed when you reformated? Could you not see the bios or post? If you only have a 4 pin into the motherboard you will need the molex to the pcie slot in most cases. You should also have 2 6 pins comming out of the psu going into the gtx 285.
  22. I had a plug in a plug that was 8 pin on the PSU end and had 2 x 6 pin on the video card end. When I reinstalled Windows, the 285 didn't even post or show the bios. I could hear the beep from the bios posting but never got a signal so I put the 4850 in. It worked but without the drivers, the resolution wasn't right and the picture didn't fill the screen. I installed the mobo drivers and then installed the ATI catalyst. Once I installed the Catalyst, it asked me to reboot. Once it rebooted, it did the same thing it had done before. It shows the bios, shows the Windows bar going across, and then I get no signal again when it goes in to Windows.

    How can I fix this? Should I go in to Safe Mode? My CD just tells me to download it from the internet so the only driver option I have is the one that's on there now as far as I know. What should I do?
  23. I went in to safe mode to try to fix it and there seems to be no way to uninstall the ATI Catalyst. In the remove software it only has repair as an option and when I tried to remove a driver program, I got an error that said you can't install anything in safe mode.
  24. You need to use drivercleaner pro to remove the drivers. you can download drivers straight from ati. What os are you using?
    Here you can download drivers

    you can even download previous drivers from that website also.
  25. I think it's his PSU that's the problem.
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