New OCZ Vertex 3 reviews seem fishy !

Hot Hardware and Tomshardware tested the same Vertex 3 (non-pro) and the results seem fishy!

Windows defender Hot Hardware: 291
Windows defender Tomshardware: 158 (This number is smoked by the older Vertex2 and Intel X25-M)

The review links:,2869-11.html

Also note that the Vertex3 shows very poor performance when on 3GPS SATA. Windows defender and
Application loading are pathetic compared to the older Vertex2 and Intel.

What's the deal here?
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  1. The non-disclosure agreement for the OCZ Vertex 3 expired this morning. Expect to see more technical reviews. Anand of AnandTech just published a technical review of the OCZ Vertex 3. Here is a link to his detailed technical review:

    All three reviews were for a beta version of the OCZ Vertex 3, 240GB, SATA III (6 Gb/s) solid state drive equipped with a new Micron SandForce SF 2281 controller. Since they were beta versions, the final mass produced product available to consumers may or may not be the same. In addition, due to the high price most consumers will purchase the 100 GB version. Performance for the 100 GB version is lower.

    Most benchmark tests are available in several versions. Results will vary depending on which version was used. For example, Hot Hardware and Tom's Hardware used different IOmeter tests. On top of that most standard benchmark tests are synthetic. They do not reflect real life usage.

    The performance of a SATA III (6 Gb/s) ssd will be lower when connected to a SATA II (3 GB/s) port on a motherboard.
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