HD4870 in CCC - Overclocking help needed!


I have a GIGABYTE HD4870, got it yesterday not new but used. I was told it was running at stock clocks its life and it has been, but I want to get more. I want to overclock it to the max because it runs 40-35 degrees at stock-clocks.

Gigabyte HD4870 - 750MHz/900MHz
Intel C2Q Q6600 g0 - 2.4GHz
4GB Kingston DDR2
600w "Real Power" PSU
1,000GB HD

Anymore info you need, just reply back.

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  1. doesnt that lock tab shows that it has been unlocked? and what help do you need help with overclocking it? Im not sure Im gettin ya there....its pretty self explanatory right on the overdrive page..
  2. Oh nah, I can set the clocks, basically if I click it it says.

    "Overclocking will quite certianly kill your system"

    Or atleast thats what I think it says.

    But yeah, that just means I can set clocks, fan speeds etc which I can.

    I just need like, if anyone has done that before, is it hard on the system with the stock Zalman cooler?
    Does it increase GTA IV performance?
    How much hotter does it run?

  3. Just got 755, taking it slow as it seems...
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    oh man ccc restricts your cards potential....I have yet to run my card at stock....anytime i upgrade only run stock clocks for my base 3dmark06 just for the base then i used to auto tune but it would set my memory too high. try downloading trixx sapphier utility and see if it reads your clocks. if it does I can help you unlock what that card can really do
  5. Score!

    780/1100 @ 51 degrees cel.
  6. krimzon6 said:

    780/1100 @ 51 degrees cel.

    How did you get those high clocks?
  7. I have 2 systems with hd-4870's, one is the older reference cooler/card the actual radeon from ati. The other is a newer sapphire hd-4870, both are 512mb cards.
    The older card runs much hotter in spite of its larger cooler, also it maxes out at about 780/950. I run it at stock clocks.

    The newer card runs much cooler in spite of its smaller cooler, it also draws less power. It tested stable at ccc max at 850/1000. i run it at 800/1000.

    -It is pretty obvious that there are two 4870 gpu cores.

    -I can see in your screenshot that your core maxes out at 790mhz like my older radeon, the other card ccc maxes out at 850. So you have the older 4870 core, most barely passed testing as a 4870 core and most were sold as 4850's. It should run at 790mhz but 40mhz wont be much in games and you risk game crashes.

    The fans on the 4870's run off of a temperature controlled pcm chip, so the more heat the gpu puts out, the faster and more noisy the fan will run. Overclocking will just make the fan louder under load.

    -Do not run manual fan mode on modern cards, they need this temperature control on the fan speed to protect the card from overheating. I once had a case fan die and the card's fan sped up to save itself.

    GtaIV is a cpu limited game, the 4870 even at stock clocks is already faster than the cpu in that game. you would benefit more from overclocking the cpu from 2.4 to 2.5 or 2.6ghz than clocking the card really high.

    In my living room pc i am running the older 4870 at stock clocks and a socket 939 x2-4400+ 2.2ghz@2.5ghz. It gets about 30fps @1080p in GtAIV. GtaIV is a stubborn game to make run smooth.
    After having 4870's for a while i figured out some settings that seem to work and give you decent quality while having good fps. This makes a bigger difference than overclocking by far.

    - To help out the cpu and prevent uneven framerates, select the "wait for vertical refresh" to "always on" so the framerate is capped at 60fps.

    - Set the "Mipmap level" to "performance" at high resolutions like 1080p you dont need this set too high, this kills your fps.

    - check the "enable adaptive AA" box and set it to "quality" this helps more than a high aa and af setting without hurting fps so much.

    - set the aa to 4x and uncheck the "use application settings box"
    - set the af to 4x and uncheck the "use application settings box"
    - set the "catalyst A.I." to "advanced", some games use optimizations that help fps and quality.

    Well good luck i hope it helps you out.
  8. Careful overclocking the memory, ddr5 is known to slow down from error correction and actually give you worse fps. It also damages the memory over time.
    The gpu core is more robust than the memory on those cards.
  9. I slid up the GPU and Memory clocks after doing some reading, fired up GTA IV and voila.

    80-90 FPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything high (ex. water)
  10. And by the way, need4speeds, I have a Q6600 beast I am going to clock at 3 or maybe 2.7-8-9 GHz
  11. do you stil have ccc running?
  12. Yeah
    I wonder how much FPS a Q6600 @ 3 and a HD4870 @ 790/1100 will bring! :}
  13. krimzon6 said:
    I wonder how much FPS a Q6600 @ 3 and a HD4870 @ 790/1100 will bring! :}

    What do you mean? running both those cards together?
  14. Nono,

    Q6600 is an Intel Quad Core CPU that I have.
  15. sorry Im not up on intel at all....well it should do ya good....dont get to exited tho...wait till you start playin THEN get exited yeah juust looked up that cpu sounds like a good one
  16. I thought the cpu was at stock clocks, but even still its a quad core and should do quite well.
  17. yeah, cpu is coming up to 3 ghz now that I know I can OC the GPU easily.
  18. yeah intel chips seem to be better for this kind of thing too they help run your gfx card better than a same set up with an amd processor. Im avid Amd have been since I started in pc s but doin more reaserch intel I gotta say is pulling me towards them
  19. take a look at my FFS thread in the same section, i need some help there
  20. well is this thread done with now? if so sellect your best answer to close this thread and we can help you with your other problems
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  22. thanks for the props Krimzon6! Glad I could help ya out
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