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Well actually this is kind of a 2 in 1 question My cousin has one of those Dell dimension 5510 and he is in need of new ram and a graphics card. I have a Nvidia 8500 and 3gigs of ram that i can give him the ram is ddr2 and I have 3 sticks ( 2 512 and 1 1gb). Will the graphics card and/or ram fit on his motherboard?
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  1. If the system is the old dimension 5510 desktop, the answer is no. The max stick size is 128 mb; possibly rdram for the Intel 850 chipset. You could change out the motherboard and power supply possibly, depending on the case backplate and form factor, but unless you're experienced, I wouldn't try it. It would be cheaper for him to buy a barebones setup with case, motherboard, and power supply. They start at around $110 at some venders listed on pricewatch. You can go with amd or Intel; amd is cheaper and works fine. Then you could donate the memory and video card to him.
  2. Thanks for the advice
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