After putting in new graphics card now monitor says no signal

Hi I brought this graphics card about 3 days ago(XFX GEFORCE 8800GT 512MB ALPHA DOG EDTION) and every time I turn my pc on I get nothing the lights come on and I can hear the fan but I get no signal from my monitor, I tried the car on a friends pc and it worked with no problem.
Dose anyone know a way I can fix it for my pc

Intel Core 2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHZ 1.80GHZ
2GB Ram
570Watt Dual Fan PSU
ECS P4M900T-M Motherboard
Windows Vista 32 bit

My old graphics card which still works when I use it NVIDIA Geforce 7100gs
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  1. 2 things i can think of. your power supply may not be strong enough for the card or you can try clearing the CMOS.
  2. Thank you for the reply, but i dont know that much about computers whats a CMOS, and the box says that the card only needs 500watt
  3. clearing the CMOS is different for every motherboard so if you have the manual for it then check that.

    one way is when you open the computer the motherboard should have a battery like a watch but bigger on it. you can clear the CMOS by removing the battery and holding the power button in with the power unplugged from the back for a minute. after that put the battery back in, plug the power cable back in from the back, and power the computer up.
  4. You might try enabling vga or hdmi in the bios, whichever your monitor supports that will work with your video card.
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