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i need an answr asap!! im tryin to make my sisters laptop faster cause she likes to go on programs and make books but sometimes when i go on it p***es me off cause its really slow. its a presario x1000, we got new internet so its not that. itss microsoft windows7 and i dont think it has been updated since 3-4 years. my dad had this laptop for business a ong time ago...i would like to have a full download of a software that make the laptop faster but I CANNOT AFFORD IT. this is a laptop by COMPAQ and really, i need an answer soon, within 30 minutes or so. THANKS!!
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  1. First off you need to got to Start \ Run \ type "msconfig" (no quotes) and in the Startup Tab, remove the checkmark from all processes but the antivirus.

    2nd in msconfig \ services tab, check on "Hide all Microsoft Services" and uncheck all but the antivirus service(s).

    3rd Install CCleaner and check the boxes on every kind of digital leftovers you want to remove, then analize and remove the results.

    4. Next install Glary Utilities (similar to Tune Up Utilities but freeware),

    5. And last, run an updated Antivirus

    6. And install Malwarebytes Antimalware to scan for bugs the antivirus can't detect.

    That should make it run like new unless it has more serious issues
  2. thnx...i will try that...but how long does the process take?
  3. what wud it say for the anti virus cuz i dont see any startup name tht says antivirus
  4. It shouldn't take long at all,... the virus scan may take the longest, but after you do the following, you can run the antivirus and it will run faster than it can run now.

    To ID the antivirus in msconfig, do this: Start \ Run \ type "regedit" (no quotes) and hit enter... then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\.... the antivirus 'short' name should be there on a REG_SZ value, that same abbreviated name should be used in msconfig. Also an antivirus shortcut should be visible in the notification area (right side of the taskbar).. that should be the installed antivirus in case you have no idea which antivirus is installed. BTW if you can't ID the antivirus in msconfig, that suggests to me there are quite a few startup applications running in that system, and that may be the main reason the computer is running slow, though that depends on how many startup apps are running but one thing is for sure; most all of them are completely unnecessary and should not be running on their own so uncheck all except for the antivirus... this should make the system take a breather and run a little faster. Next install CCleaner to remove leftovers that contribute to a slow running system... after that you should notice the system running faster... only then you should scan the system to remove possible bugs that make the system sluggish...
  5. Also a disc defraggmentation and a disc check woud be adviseable to complete the job. These would contribute to make the system run more stable and faster depending on the hard drive size and the amount of data stored in it. Both can be done from the system drive \ Properties \ Tools... The diskcheck takes a few minutes and the defragg a little longer but it can be performed in the background at any convenient time.

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