XFX Overclockers.co.uk Warranty 2 years or Double Lifetime?


http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-136-XF&tool=3 I saw this XFX GTX 275 XXX card at overclockers and it says 2 yr warranty. But from what I heard XFX gives double lifetime warranty - and wanted to get it for that, cos i could sell it next year and get a GTX 380 or something and the buyer would get the warranty. I also hear that XFX and EVGA are the only companies that cover overclocking.

But the warranty for this particular card seems to be with overclockers.co.uk and is 2 years. Does this mean the normal XFX warranty does not apply to this part?

I was thinking of choosing XFX over any others specifically because:

1) it is priced similar to other cards (Gainward, Asus, etc) without being as expensive as BFG

2) warranty covers overclocked parts (From what I hear)

3) double life time warranty, so u can sell it with the buyer being able to register for warranty

After seeing this 2 year thing on Overclockers, I'm thinking perhaps this does not apply in the UK.

Can anyone provide any details on this?

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  1. The XFX double lifetime warranty, last time this came up was region specific, why ? pass but if i remember correctly its only northern US and canada that get it.
    You could check teh XFX website if you wanted to.

  2. that sucks... ah well, thanks anyway.
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