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So i am selling my old Dell 1680x1050 22" LCD to my sister. I am looking to replace this with a nice 1920x1200 LCD monitor that will improve my gaming experience. The Dell was ok, but it lacked the glow some of these newer displays have. My buddy has a 25.5" Asus that looks nice, but I'd like to do the research. He suggested the Acer G24, however at $360, is it REALLY worth the price? What are your suggestions?

BTW, I am running an OCed 4870 1GB card. (check my specs for the rest) Also, if this is in the wrong forum, sorry admin, but it says "Graphics & Displays", but no Monitor sub-cat.
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  1. i think this monitor is too expensive for what is offer. If you want 24" monitor i would suggest you samsung T240 which is about 310 on newegg and is official monitor od world cyber games. your 4870 can handle that res but not at high settings in all games like crysis...
  2. You really have to look at the actual panel used. Cheaper 24" and almost everything smaller use TN panels with are capable of fewer colors and narrower viewing angles but are capable of faster response times. My monitor is a LG L246WP which uses a P-MVA panel which is the same panel as the old Benq FP241W. I notice the difference immediately when ever I visit a friend and see their display or go in a store and look at monitors. S-IPS is the best but it's expensive and mostly for video/photo production/editing when color reproduction has to be perfect.

    Here's a good article explaining the differences

    There are only a few companies that actually produce LCD panels (LG being one of them) and all the other companies buy the panels from them so I believe there is an inherent advantage in price by buying from a company that makes the panels their using.

    The big problem is that most companies don't tell you the kind of panel their using. There is a site where you punch in the model number and it will tell you the panel but I don't remember what it is.
  3. I will be using this LCD for Gaming. I use my PC for standard desktop use and it is also my gaming machine. I do not do any sort of graphic or video design. So it will have fast and smooth response as well as good color, brightness, and clearity. Fast and smooth being the #1 factors, the rest bringing up the rear.
    Thanks again or all your advice, keep it coming.
  4. The thing is that older, non TN panels, weren't as good for gaming and everyone wants a 2ms response time. My monitor has a 6ms response time and it's great for gaming as well as having a larger color spectrum and wider viewing angles. I've never seen ghosting or any other kind of visual artifacts. Anything 8ms or under and you won't ever have an issue.

    You should be looking in the $250-$300 range, that's where you're going to find the best balance.
  5. My current monitor is 5ms, the one before that was a 2ms 17". I never noticed a difference between the two. I've read reviews that the response rate can be.... a little deceiving because its usually the best case. Alot of 5ms will average 15ms in reality. So the whole 2ms 5ms doesnt concern me. Anything higher I'd want to really look at. But then again that doesnt mean it won't be perfectly fine. Any current models and links to check out?
  6. The Samsung T240 has a great screen but it doesn't have a height adjustable stand which would prevent me from buying it. There is also an HD model that has a built in digital tuner (and I'm unsure if they changed the stand), I don't need a tuner in my monitor, you may.

    The thing is that a company may get a good deal on a bunch of panels and release a monitor around it. Once that supply runs out they discontinue the model number so any given monitor stays active on the market for a very short time.
  7. I looked at the Samsung, I've been a fan in the past. There, is no height adjust, which is no biggie. BUT, I see a tilt pointed out onan image, but do not see how it does so. It looks a little low. The shiney bezel is a turn off as I do not like glare and fingerprints. I would prefer the LCD to be glossy though. I've seen a few of the glossy's and the color just looks nicer. Any suggestions? I was also told to look for an 8-bit panel. I'm not sure how to identify this.
  8. easy answer BEST MONITOR, BEST PRICE, samsung is nothing compared to this....

    24": BenQ G2400WD, 1920x1200 (16:10)
    Panel: anti-glare TN, 72% NTSC, 16.7M colors
    Inputs: HDMI, DVI-D (HDCP), VGA
    Scaling: Full, Aspect, 1:1
    Input Lag: 1.9 ms, avg (Inferred from G2400W)
    Ergonomics: Tilt, VESA Mount
    Info: official specs | prad
    Notes: Better quality than Samsung 245BW, cheaper. Less scaling lag than 2493HM and better out-of-the-box colors. 1:1 support.
    Price: ~$300 USD

    reviews on anandtech...
    best monitor! UNless you willing to pay more....
  9. ^
    I was actually JUST reading some reviews and such on BenQ monitors. I will look into this. THANKS. I saw the V2400W it looks cool. To bad newegg doesnt sell them.
  10. I heard distribution in US is hard to find on the BENQs, tho, east asia, theyre plentiful, supply problems of some sort. If you like em, and someone has em stock, jump it, or wait for next delivery
  11. Quote:
    easy answer BEST MONITOR, BEST PRICE, samsung is nothing compared to this....

    What are you basing this on? opinion?

    The Samsung is a great monitor and is about the same price, $280 on Newegg, the Benq is discontinued but around that price elsewhere.

    Also TN panels are only 6-bit and unable to display the full 16.7 million colors available in 24-bit true color. They can mimick the 16.7 million colors of 8-bit panels using a technique called dithering, but the results are unimpressive.
  12. I bought this around last year while they had a sale and it was $599.

    They have a newer model now the 2409WFP which I'm guessing is about the same thing with some minor updates and fills the same price point. I know this is well above what the price range you were looking at and it is a bit pricey in of itself but I think it's worth every penny. It's big, bright, beautiful, handles any and all inputs I could ever hope for. Colors are amazing too and it handles all my consoles, PC and laptop no problem. Only thing it doesn't have is a TV tuner but it's not like I watch TV much anyways. Even has a built-in USB hub.
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