HP Slimline Motherboard Power Connector

I just upgraded my Hp Slimline case and power supply. Now I have a serious problem because the new 24 pin motherboard connector that came with the power supply is way too big for the plug on the motherboard. I guess I need to get some sort of an adapter now. Does something like that exist? What would you call such a thing? I couldn't find anything on Newegg.

It's just been problem, after problem with this stupid slimline. :(
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  1. Yes, there is an adapter available for it. We just had a thread about it over in the power supply section of this forum:




    Your new power supply should actually have a 20+4 pin power cable. Just use the 20 pin portion when connecting to the adapter cable.
  2. ^ Sorry about the multiple post, then. I'll be less lazy next time. :)

    * Thanks, by the way.
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