Alternative way on removing thermal paste

Ok, I just bought the Tuniq TX-3 thermal compound. I want to replace my stock thermal compund as it is already more than a year old. I know how to properly remove the thermal paste but I can't seem to find a 90% isopropyl alcohol in my area.

The question is what are alternative ways on removing the thermal paste. Can I use 70% isopropyl instead?
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    lacquer thinner.

    goofoff or goobegone works great.

    rubbing alcohol.



    Alcohol, cue-tips,

    arcticlean set

    razor blade

    Brake Cleaner

    mineral spirit

    alcohol based hand sanitizer gel

  2. You can usually find 90% at a drugstore. 70% will work. Avoid anything with lanolin it it. That and a piece of coffee filter or anything that will not leave lint behind.
  3. sirkillalot said:
    lacquer thinner. > my preferred cleaner. Dries fast, cleans well, no residue.

    goofoff or goobegone works great. >Must be some foreign substance...

    rubbing alcohol. >same as isopropyl 70 % Works OK, but slow and needs some time to let water dry.

    acetone >also works great, leaves no residue, dries very fast...

    ethanol >why waste good booze? Leaves some sugar residue as well.

    Alcohol, cue-tips, >slow, leaves water residue, and cue tips can leave lint. (I prefer old, well washed nappies...)

    arcticlean set > hard to get, and too costly.

    razor blade > slow, and leaves behind some old paste.

    Brake Cleaner > was great, but I think that the formula has been changed for some greenies...

    mineral spirit > slow, leaves behind an oily residue.

    alcohol based hand sanitizer gel > Might as well use something like wet ones... Too much residue left behind.

  4. Thanks for the replies!! I forgot that acetone works too. Again, thanks for the quick response!!!
  5. i've used tequila, no residue
  6. obsidian86 said:
    i've used tequila, no residue

    I'd be careful with Tequila, especially an Anejo or Reposado (brown) dark liqour is more likely to leave a residue. Ideally I'd use Vodka, but I did use Gin once with no ill effects once when i was out of vodka.
  7. only use silver tequila,there is always a bottle or 2 of jose at my place
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