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I have read about different firmware for linksys routers that allow the user to boost the power or gain(something) on the antenna. Does anyone know the name of this firmware and / or have any experience with it? I don't want to sacrifice security because I am in an Apartment complex, but my wife's laptop has a hard time maintaining a decent singnal 15 to 20 feet away from the router.

I know I can buy the high gain antenna kit but i would rather try something free first.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Third party firmware may improve wireless reception if it allows you to increase transmitter power beyond the manufacturer's norms.

    As long as the router isn't supplied modified by your ISP, a firmware upgrade should be okay.

    Bear in mind though that the sort of people who go for this are likely to have more technical knowhow than average, so if there are problems a layman may get out of his depth.
  2. Know any of the different types of firmware?

    I am not really worried about being able to understand it. More or less just want to know if anyone has experience with it and what was the result.
  3. If seen referneces to this in the past:

    Never tried it. Google and see if comments are positive.
  4. Thanks!!! I'll have to try it out later this week
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