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Hi, Im just wondering if neone has had experience with MSI cards because my local store is selling a 4890 for 189.99 after rebates which is appealling, but I am nervoues when it comes to buying a card from a company that i kno nuthin about with regards to graphics, ne input is appreciated... this is only for this weekend so ne fast responses r extremely appreciated haha
heres the link
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  1. i've had this card for around 3 months, and it runs pretty solid. I've OCed it to 920mhz gpu and 1010memory and its pretty stable there. I haven't really tried messing it around too much, so I could probably get a little higher.

    You shouldn't really factor in the rebates in the the cost b/c often times it'll take 6months for it to get back to you, if at all.

    One thing about this card is that the stock fan is loud above 40%, but if you wear headphones, it doesn't really matter at all.
  2. ya i seen that deal and was like wow.great deal imo.
  3. thx alot for the reply.... i dont wear headphones but usually have my speakers pretty loud.... i probably wont be OC'ing as i dont rly kno how haha.... and $40 of the $60 worth of rebates is insatnt cuz its a weekend door crasher sale.... no driver problems or nething?
  4. I had one MSI card, the 4670, and never had an issue with it.
  5. Good luck with MSI rebates. Read Newegg reviews on MSI cards and the many complaints about rebates not received.
  6. I got my rebate from MSI, they like me :sol:

    Most companies outsource the rebates anyways. I just sent in for rebates to a Asus and Gigabyte. Both companies outsourced to the same vendor so I entered my information on the same web site and mailed my letters to the exact same address for both of them.

    By the way, I like how they tell you for $1 they will send out your rebate check faster. :sarcastic:
  7. I had an NVIDIA 9600gt from MSI. It's been over a year and a half and it's overclocked quite a bit.... still running very stably.
  8. hundredislandsboy said:
    Good luck with MSI rebates. Read Newegg reviews on MSI cards and the many complaints about rebates not received.

    Rebates are all proceeded at the same place. It's only because it takes 6 months to get. I almost always received my rebates. The only time I didn't received it was back when I bought Half-Life one...
  9. thx again everyone... i purchased the card and i love it alrdy, blows away my old outdated 7950 haha
  10. gratz, enjoy it
  11. if you wanted to OC it a little w/o changing voltages, you can always just use the Catylist Control Center and do it there. enjoy your card
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