Hello! I need help!

My ASUS p8 p67 deluxe mobo was working fine.

I tried overclocking the 2500k by raising the cpu voltage to 1.8 -___-.. STUPID, i saw it on a forum So i thought it would be ok.

Now, the computer's fan will turn on for a second, then turn off.

I cannot access BIOS.

I tried, removing PSW from wall, motherboard. Also, I tried taking out the silvery battery for several minutes.

I also tried, silver battery out, holding CMOS reset button- in this case, fans actually stayed on but nothing worked: keyboard, monitor, hd

I tried silver battery in, holding CMOS reset button and the same thing happened.

Please help! What can I do?!
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  1. 1.8? you have killed it. outright... you may also have damaged the motherboard 2.
    you wont know for sure untill you can test both parts in another pc with another cpu and motherboard.

    you can try and rma it if theres no scorching on it.
  2. that's something I didn't want to hear... :/

    Maybe you're right. I tried removing the motherboard battery, resetting cmos, and the fans will run but nothing loads or starts up. kill me now
  3. Holy crap...

    I would take the CPU off the mainboard and inspect both for burns. If there aren't any, it probably didn't boot at all after you changed the voltage. It might need some extra time to reset after the attempt though -- leave the system apart for a few hours and try again later. When you do try again, install the CPU and then reset the BIOS before doing anything else. Hopefully that will be enough.
  4. Got it. No burns on motherboard or CPU. CLean and pretty like when I first go it 2 months ago. -__-

    I remember it booting saying that the temps were too high. Right before I could go to the BIOS, it shut down and wouldn't turn back on.

    But I'm going to listen to you leaps and just leave the system off disconnected for a few hours. Thanks for the help from the previous post as well.
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