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I'm going to build a gaming PC. I have a ~$1600 budget. I can't go too much higher, but $1650 is alright. I'm not worried about shipping, which will end up to be like $250 anyways. I prefer everything be from one site (Newegg, Amazon).
Parts Not Needed : Mouse
Parts Needed: CPU, Mobo, GPU, HD, RAM, Optical Drive, Case, PSU, Monitor, Keyboard, AND ROUTER. I've spent the last few months trying to get together the best possible rig. I'm also wondering if I should wait for the new DX11 cards. The reason I chose AMD over Intel is because the 1366 socket is completely not future proof. They're already wiping out the 920, 940, and 965, and soon the 950 too. The 975 extreme will be the only one still produced for the socket type.

Here's my proposed rig:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz

Mobo: ASUS M4A79T Deluxe AM3 DDR3 AMD

RAM: OCZ Platinum AMD Edition 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 1600 (1333 RAM apparently performs better on AMD systems, and I didn't opt for 6gigs because there's no triple-channel support on AMD systems)

GPU: 2x EVGA 896-P3-1257-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked Edition 896MB

PSU: CORSAIR CMPSU-850HX 850W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 Modular Active PFC Power Supply

Monitor: ASUS VW246H Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor

Case: COOLER MASTER Storm Scout

Heatsink: COOLER MASTER V8, also some Arctic 5

Total cost was $1621, I however also need a router (preferably the D-Link DGL-4100 10/100/1000Mbps GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router , unless there's something more optimized for gaming)

Please give me any suggestions! And I also don't mind if you can add an NIC card or X-Fi card, or even dual monitors if possible. And I don't have a real preference over NVIDIA or ATI, however the 2 260's cost only $300

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  1. The only thing I would change is the video cards. I would go for two 4870s(can be found on newegg for 149. I would go for xfx for warranty) because of the recent price drops and you have both an AMD processor and chipset. Having AMD video cards completes the package. I have an all AMD platform and it works great. AMD overdrive would appreciate it. Plus... I could be wrong, but I am not even sure if you can run sli with an AMD board. I think it works the other way. You can crossfire on an nvidia chip. May want to check that though as tech changes so quick, my info about sli could be off. Also, just an idea, but 4850s have just dropped to around 100 dollars. You could consider crossfirex3.
  2. Hey thanks for the advice, Yeah SLI works but I think crossfire would be better since ATI is AMD owned.
  3. Only thing i would worry about is the Power supply.When you get into overclocking and Multiple Video cards it may get close to using all the wattage.Video cards and the new processors draw a lot of power these days and if your over clocking that is a added power drawer.Its just a thought.You may beg to differ.
  4. The Corsair 850TX has enough power for your system... No need to increase it unless you planned on getting two GTX295's or something. The Corsair 850TX can handle tri-SLI GTX260's.

    Unless I missed something or things have changed recently, you can only run SLI on Nvidia boards (680, 750, 780, 790, 980) or X58 boards.
  5. Personally i would go for the crossfire cant go wrong :)
  6. @Arxos I don't think they would be be phasing out the LGA 1366 anytime soon...
    It is true that they will be wiping out the 920, 940, and 965 but it is just like how they replace the old gen CPUs with the new ones ( Like Q6XXX series replaced by Q9XXX series but both have the same socket)

    And the reason that 920 will soon be wiped out is that the new i5 CPUs that are to be released, the high-end version of that chip has similar performance and features as that of the 920...So the 920 will be around till the i5s are released...
    And intel will be launching newer CPUs for the LGA 1366 socket for sure...

    And I strongly feel that for the amount you are spending, you should get the i7 920...
    Though it is good to see that people are supporting AMD, but when it comes down to one's own preferences, we would choose which is the best we could get for the money we are spending...So I would suggest you get the i7...

    But if you want to go AMD, then check out the newegg combo on the CPU + Mobo combo deal...Saves about $85...
  7. The only reason I'm saying that is I faced a problem recently.I had a nice PC Power &Cooling 510 watt SLI PSU and figured that would last me for a lot of newer builds but I had not built something new in about 3 years.
    I just started a new build with an AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition and 3 hard drives,Geforce GTX 285 video card and when I figured out what PSU unit I needed with one of the PSU unit wattage calculators on line it came out to 650 watts.
    I'd rather err on the high side cause you never know what you will need down the road.
    Its like the whole RAM thing quiet a while back.I remember building a rig and a lot of people were saying 1 gig of RAM is plenty,you'll never need more then that.I went and bought 2 gig of RAM.Now every one is stuffing their builds with 4gig,6gig,8gig of RAM because the newer 64 bit OS's can address that much.
    It depends on wether you want to protect yourself for the future where the over kill on a power supply you may think is to much more then what you need now becomes just enough in the future.
    Thats all I was saying.
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