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The mini USB part of my western digital ext hard drive broke, and I couldn't find a replacement port to re-solder so I bought an enclosure to try and see if that would work.

I got a sabrent 3.5" SATA/IDE hard drive enclosure and have a WD Caviar Green drive. I got the power part of the enclosure hooked up to the SATA port, but when I tried to hookup the data part the cable doesn't have the "ledge" to it so it won't fit.

Am I using the wrong cable or the wrong part?

There is no legacy ATA power part either so I can't do the secureconnect thing.

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  1. If the enclosure's data cable can be replaced, you could get a SATA data cable that fits the HDD connector and use that in the enclosure. Although, from what I read online about this enclosure, there is very limited room inside, so you might have a problem fitting the cable inside.
    I personally use a Thermaltake blacx "drop-in" SATA enclosure (actually, is more like a HDD bay than a full enclosure). Excellent cooling of the HDDs, can just drop in the HDD and remove it at a whim if needed... perfect for my needs. You might want to check one out for future reference.
  2. Which model of the Sabrent 3.5" SATA/IDE hard drive enclosure did you get? Is it the one with the external power supply the EC-UEIS7 which has a USB connector? Internal SATA hard drives have a L shaped connector for both the power and data.
  3. it has the usb port that doesn't look like the rectangular flat usb that most people see. The drive has the L shaped pieces for both but the included cable does not.

    The box says: ITEM: ECS-STU35K

  4. This is what I use (except one can find it cheaper online, and I believe there are other manufacturers of similar designs):
  5. So does anyone know if I need a new cable or not?
  6. I believe you do, see my first post.
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