Hard Disk not Initialized after using Wipe Drive

ok so i bought a new motherboard to replace my old one and before i installed it i erased the enire Hard Disk (1.5 TB STAR GATE) with a program called "Wipe Drive" to start over. I installed the new mother board, put in the windows 7 insallation CD and when i tryed to select the 1.5TB hard Disk to install W7 it gave me errors and saying something about Partitions. I took my 1TB drive and installed W7 on that instead

On my desktop i went to Disk management and it shows both the 1TB (working fine) and the 1.5TB (Not Initialized) Hard Disks

the 1.5 TB also saids Unallocated, i right clicked on it and selected "Initialize Disk" a new window comes up with two choices "Master Boot Record" and "GUID Partition Table" i clicked on both on them but get the same error "THE REQUEST COULD NOT BE PERFORMED BECAUSE OF AN I/O DEVICE ERROR"

when i boot up my PC right after the motherboard name appears i get some information that said no virtual disk no hard disk.

the Hard Disk shows up in the BIOS menu and my boot sequance is 1TB hard disk, CD Drive, 1.5TB Hard Disk. i looked on all types of forums and downloaded programs that could help me create new partitions and copy partitions, copy disk but when i try to use them i get errors

i bought a program called "Disk Utilities" and it comes with CD called "Partition commander 10" I go to create partition and i get a message that says "A new partition cannot be created on this hard disk. most probably, all primary slots are occupied and there is no extended partition"

i try to delete a partition but it doesnt give me a option to do it

my 1TB Hard Drive has a blue bar next to it coded "NTFS" but nothing for the 1.5TB Drive

is it possable that i deleted something in the hard drive when i completely erased it

before i installed the new motherboard my PC didnt give me an option to Format it or delete it thats why i bought the "Wipe Drive program" i bought the Custom PC 10 months ago and it came with everything pre installed and ready to go.

everything in my pc is up to date BIOS and everything

i downloaded the sea tool from SATA website and it showed no errors the Hard Disk is set to IDE in BIOS

im stuck and dont know what to do this is my last resort before i ditch it

plz help

thank you

960 I7 window 7 home pre
MSI Big Bang Motherboard
3 5870 in crossfire
1200 watt ultra X4
all liquid cooled
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  1. You can try wiping the drive again with DBAN, then see if you can initialize and format the drive in windows.

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