Iomega stopped working after a month of purchase

Hello, pls I just bought 1TB of Iomega hdd and I have been only able to use it for a month.. Today I put it in a friend's computer and it did not work so i tried it back on my system after some mins and it didnt show at all on the computer. Can I have a possible solution because i have many informations that are not backed up in it. God Bless
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  1. Try using another USB cable. Also, if your external HDD uses external power, make sure it is connected and working properly. Good luck!
  2. Yes Colgeek, I tried using another cable but it does not respond at all... It does not use external power its just a straight usb cable to the computer. I dont know what else to do. There are many important files inside.
  3. Understood on how it is powered. I suggest you contact Iomega tech support for further assistance. Good luck!
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