Data cyclic redundancy error while using transend external hard disk

My transand external hard disk 320 GB capacity worked till last week but recently when i connected to my laptop having Window7 OS it is showing Data cyclic redundancy error format now...

I have more data on this hard disk. Is there any way to repair or recover the data from it.
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  1. Eeek, CRC error is bad. Last I checked v bad.. If you can tear it down to just the hard drive and say it has a sata connection on the hdd and you have the same on you MB connect the two up and try (unless it has one of those usb jobbys that is directly attached to the hdd, in which case I would give up)

    if the data looks bad.... you may get lucky and it will work by just connecting to .

    CRC errors normally means its dead.
    Good luck.
  2. CRC might...might...mean you have a bad sector on the drive.
    Download Seatools (works on many different drives) and test the drive.
  3. same thing happened to me on a couple of different drives - ended up being a bad sectors and ticking time bombs, migrate to a new drive fast!
  4. Hdclone will clone a drive with bad sectors...

    Then recover your data from the clone.
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