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I'm not sure if this is the best place to seek buying advice on purchasing a home security system, but here goes... If I should post this elsewhere, please advise. I want a PVR home security system with both indoor and outdoor wireless cameras that allow me to use both my laptop with Mac OS X and my iphone to see the cameras on the internet. I also want IR night vision cameras and email motion-detector notifications. There is plenty of advice on the internet about such systems, but I want to hear from someone who personally successfully uses Mac OS X.
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  1. galarms said:
    successfully uses Mac OS X.

    I'm pretty sure that's a paradox.

    Anyway, yes you are in the wrong section.

    But you will need the right software on your main computer as the control station, something that also has an app inside the Apple ecosystem. You can get wireless IP cameras that connect to your router, you just need to make sure you have good coverage. I haven't dabbled in this sort of security myself, but looking at the steps to take, it doesn't seem half as daunting as it may appear.
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    There are DVR boxes for security cameras with networking capabilities. These DVRs are not your common house type. You can only hook up security cameras, from 4 o 16 cameras. The cameras can be outdoors or indoors. These cameras are wired and not wireless. Depending on the camera location you need long cables. The cameras can also have night vision LEDs.

    The location of the DVR and cameras must have internet connection. Once the DVR is setup you can access the recording from any computer (depending on the DVR software).

    Major companies that works with security cameras and DVRs are Swann, Lorex, Q-See. Check their website for more info.

    Depending on how many cameras you need and the necessity for recording, you can also use IP cameras. These cameras can be accessed from any computer and you can control them if they are non-fixed type.

    Good luck.
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  4. Thank for sharing ideas, its great to be here.
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