Is the Thermaltake SpinQ junk?

I cannot get a stable overclock with this heatsink is it junk should i send it back?
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  1. Yep! it's an old outdated design and a poor choice for oc'ing your cpu.
    Much cheaper coolers own the SpinQ and the VT model which are also loud.
  2. Unfortunately Thermaltake make very pretty coolers, but that are nearly always poor at their job. I have a trade account with a cooling and water-cooling specialist and when I asked if they stock a particular Thermaltake cooler (can't remember what now) they said "don't even talk to me about Thermaltake" so that should say it all lol.

    For overclocking (your 1100T I assume?) you want something much better than the SpinQ. If you can get one at a good price - look for "Thor's Hammer". It's an unknown gem, but I've got one on my 1090T (identical to the 1100T) and it got me to 4.0GHz with CPU temps of 33C idle and 20C on all 6 cores. The max I've EVER seen it (last summer) was 56C - 4.0GHz and playing GTA4.

    Amazing cooler.
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