DDR2 1100 vs DDR2 1150? Got Milk?

Alright which of these two would be the better choice, their both worth the same price, but they are different brands, and their timings are pretty close. I just don't want to have to spend an extra $50 on DDR2 1200. Btw would it make any real difference in speed between a 1150 and 1200 or 1100 or 1200?

So in your opinion what one would you choose? And why? I plan to overclock to over 1200, and im a major gamer and multi-tasker. And by major gamer, I mean im the guy who sweats while playing Crysis for 5 hours.

OCZ Flex DDR2 1150.

G.Skill DDR2 1100
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  1. ^ Give the rest of your config...
    If you have an AMD rig, then going with such high speeds would be helpful...
    But if you have an Intel CPU, then I dont think this speed would be useful until you plan to overclock your CPU to ~4GHz(Wolfdales can though)...
    And you can check out this memory too...
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