Controller Card+DVDR?

I know nothing about this but.... I've been thinking I would get an ssd to combine with my hdd, however my motherboard only has 2 Sata ports(P6X58D-E). Currently my 1.5tb seagate barricuda & dvdr is hooked up to the two sata ports, so I've looked into it and it seems controller cards give extra sata ports. But what I've been reading is only about hooking up hdd's onto the controller cards, so I'm wondering if I would be able to hook my dvdr onto the controller card; Then have the hdd+ssd on the motherboard, also if I did do this would my hdd+ssd have a faster reading rate as opposed to an external sata source ie. Controller card?

Currently running on windows 7 ultimate, and my dvdr is an LG GH24NS50 and the ssd I'm looking at is an G.SKILL Sniper FM-25S2S-120GBSR if that matters. Also this is the controller card I'm looking at

It's an IDE and I'd like to stick with that because I need to save my PCI-E slots for SLI. My motherboard P6X58D-E has 2 IDE slots so it should work right? About raid0 and all that, would I have to set one up for the ssd, dvdr, hdd or anything like that?

Thanks in advance :D
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    This is a PCI card, not IDE. Regardless, your mobo will support and YES you can connect your DVD to it as a regular SATA device. Just make sure you get the current drivers/firmware from the vendor when you get the card to ensure the card is up to date.

    Good luck!
  2. Ah yes I ment PCI as opposed to PCI-E lol got mixed up with Sata/IDE with them,
    anyways thanks for the replying thats all I needed to know :D
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