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I have a Dell dimension 8300 which had a HD crash last year. When it died, i pulled the 1 gig RAM sticks and used them in another computer. Last week i put a new HD in the dell and moved the RAM back and am getting beep beep beep when I start. If I put in the 256 sticks that came with the dell, it runs fine. If i add the 1 gig sticks, it gives me the beeps. I put the 1 gig sticks back in the other computer and they work fine so i know they are good. The kicker for me is these sticks used to work in this dell system so i know it is not a compatability issue. Also, i flashed the bios with the latest version from Dell and it did not fix the issue. I have also tried rotating the sticks through various combinations in the 4 available slots (working the 256 sticks in as well). The 256k sticks work in any of the 4 slots so i know the slots are not the issue.

Any thoughts? Could it be a bios issue?

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  1. I have some a question to you..when u pulled out the 1GB RAM sticks on Dell dimension 8300 and used them in another computer, you heard some beeping in your computer when u transferring? when u back the 1GB RAM stick in your DELL u heard a beeping, only problem that your 1GB RAM stick, not your BIOS..because, u can used your 256MB RAM stick...that run fine! I'm right?
  2. well the computer was off and unplugged when i pulled the RAM so no beeps then. Just heard the beeps when i tried to start the dell 8300 with the 1 gig sticks. no beeps with the two 256mb sticks. also, no beeps on the other computer with the 2 1gig sticks. thanks
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  5. I have an update. A friend loaned me some 512mb sticks and they work in slots 1 and 2. Interesting point is i had two 256 sticks in there (slots 1 and 2) along with a 128mb stick in slot 3. When i try to add any of the extra memory into slot 3 (or 3 and 4 at the same time) with the two single 512 sticks in, I get the beeping again.

    There has to be something in the BIOS which is restricting the allowable RAM.

    Note: I tried one of the 1 gig sticks in slot one and it beeps...
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