Computer won't start

So I have a good computer, at least it used to be, I built it myself.

Rosewill 950 watt power supply
Intel quad core 2.4 mhz
4 gigs of OC 1066 ram
2 raptor HD's, 10,000 rpm Raid 0

I've had the system for about 2 years. Randomly starting up the computer seemed to get harder and harder, randomly it would just black screen. Now the monitor doesn't read any output from the computer at all. All that happens is all the fans and lights turn on, my dvd drive light stays solid for maybe 5-8 seconds, flashes twice and stops. There's no other activity I can find. My first guess is that my motherboard went out. I also removed my ram and tested for faulty ram slots and or ram. I would like to know what the problems are before I spend too much money on replacement parts/professional assessments.
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  1. Because i have had many problems like yours, i purchased a motherboard tester. The ad on tells me that basically:
    1 plug in to your pci slot
    2 Turn on
    3 Read the number on the digital display
    4 Read problem from manual
    5 Fix
    6 Repeat till suceessful bootup.
    My gizmo hasn't arrived yet(I am in OZZ), but i thought it my be of help.
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