Water cooling recommended? help!

Hi, so I just built a new computer a week ago..


AMD Phenom II x4 970 BE


G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB

XFX HD-687A Radeon HD 6870x2

Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W

CoolerMaster Elite 310

I know, not the best case to have, but I didn't want to pay $120+ for a full tower and a lot of them I find ugly. I have 2 intake 120mm, front and side and the one exhaust out the back. I haven't been playing much games in the past week and when I did I didn't even think about temps. Before playing BC2 I went into ati's control panel and saw that the idle temps for the first gpu was at about 65c, and my second was at 45c. I upped the fan speeds some and they went down a bit. I played some battlefield and watched them rise and rise, reaching 88c for my first gpu and 80c for my second. While playing I was looking up some stuff and I saw people recommending the msi afterburner, I got that, set the automatic fan controller up and it helped some but also made my computer really loud.

So I am highly considering liquid cooling, but I've never done it before. I want to cool my gpus, I'm not sure about my cpu though, I just downloaded speedfan and my cpu is at 50c idle, not sure what it is at when I'm playing a game, I have a coolermaster v8 on it.

I looked at neweggs the Thermaltake CL-W0038 Liquid cooling system 208 - copper vga waterblock, but the reviews for it aren't very good and that's the only vga waterblock on newegg. Where can I find what I need, and what will I be looking at for the price? I need the blocks, 2 of them, maybe 3 for the cpu, the tubing, radiator and pump, and liquid. Correct? I'm completely new at this. Any type of guidance would be great.

I plan to OC my gpus and cpu once I find time, but now that I'm aware of the temps I don't know if I should.

Also, my budget is around $150, but I want quality, I don't want my case to become a fish tank.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. water cooling by any means is NOT cheep ,for 120$ (shipping include it) you will get 1 good block for video card ,so if you not willing to spend around 400+ for CPU/GPU set up this is not for you
  2. so you want to cool CPU+2x GPU from a single 120 RAD ...
    most of your components are not even considered in LC community
    start by reading this sticky,you will find most of the inf. you need

    P.S. the res/pump combo is interesting :o
  3. With the radiator, don't you stick it on the back of the case where a fan would be? If so, I only have 1 120mm on the back, so how would a triple work out? Could I stick it on the bottom of the case on the inside? or on the outside top?
  4. if you going to stick with this case ,i say (outside) top of the case with some nylon risers (local hardware store)
  5. depends. usually you can stick the fan insde between the case and and the 120mm radiator. But since you are not liquid cooling the cpu your cooler may get in the way. you will prolly have to mod you case a bit. I would do as ortoklaz says and mount it outside on the top. In which case you should consider a triple 120mm rad and mybe even include the cpu in the water loop.
  6. Thanks for your responses guys. So, would the pump/resovoir work? I like it because you can stick it in a drive bay, and that would really help with my space issue. I was thinking, Radiator on top, drill 2 holes in the front of the case, well the front of the top of the case. leading to pump, pump to 2nd gpu, then to 1st, then to cpu, then through the hole to radiator. That would work right?

    How's the gpu blocks, or am I going to have to spare $80+ for a full covered block? :(

    I'm crossing my fingers that the pump/resovoir will work.

    How's this..
  7. Best answer
    this is probably the best bet for you ;
    if you going to OC CPU and two GPU's you will have to add more RAD space
  8. Awesome, so that kit, I'm not too sure what the second link is though, is it just this.

    2 of those, and a ramsinks and will I be good to go?

    the added rad space is recommended but not necessary right? could I add a single one on the back of my case and the triple on the top? Thanks. This looks great.
  9. CPU + 2 GPU are going to need a decent amount of rad space. Running 3 blocks and 2 rads, you'd want to start considering running a better pump to keep flow rates up high enough to maintain a good performance curve.
  10. MCV82 is less restrictive,new version of MCV80,yes if you won't like the temps , just add more RAD space
    This is not top of the line set up but good way to start (cheep ), additional 120 would be nice
  11. this should give you better idea what you can get from this kit;
  12. Okay, so I'm going to buy that kit, and those gpu blocks tonight. I'll get distilled water, purchasing the kit from frozenpc includes FREE IandH KillCoils - Antimicrobial Silver. How would I go upon getting a dye for it, can I use any dye or does it need to be a special kind?

    For the ramsinks would these work..

    On other sites like xoxide and frozen pc their sinks are around $17. Would the cheap ebay ones work the same?

    Thanks so much for all your help!

    Also, it comes with 2 Meters of Clear 7/16" Hose. Do you think I will need more?
  13. FrozenCPU only offers the RS series... You may want to go with for the RX series. The RX series radiator will dissipate more heat which will be necessary for 2xGPU and 1xCPU.
  14. I'm going to buy it off of sidewinder, so I can get the gpu blocks and the kit at the same time. I read in reviews that the hoses cloud up. What would be a recommended brand? Would a hose from the hardware store be good enough? Going to purchase this once I get an ok, saying that it's good to go. Thanks again everyone.
  15. Best answer selected by imcharming.
  16. Hardware store tubing is vinyl and will cloud faster than any other kind of tubing. It also isn't nearly as flexible for tighter bends like the better quality tubing. If you don't need tight bends, it is cheap and will work...I've used it in the past. I usually stick to Feser and Tygon these days because I like the flexibility and thick-walled tubing.

    Clouding of tubing is will happen less quickly with simple distilled and killcoil or biocide than with a premix, but it has to do with the chemicals used in curing the tubing that cause the clouding. (Can't remember what it is called...)
  17. Okay, so I got my kit last week, and realized I didn't have enough tubing so I got some Friday and just put it together today. I did the 24 hour leak test, had no problems so I put it all together. But of course, with everything I end up doing there has to be a problem. I have it all hooked up, I turned it on, it all turns on but no post. It's running, but nothing. I googled my problem and I read that sometimes you have to plug a cpu fan in and change that setting in bios, I tried that but nothing changed. I replaced the cpu, nothing. I unplugged the power and held the power for about a minute, nothing.

    As you can see in the pictures, It's tight and I had to mod the case some so if there is a way to troubleshoot fixing it without having to take it apart, it would be better. Thanks :D
  18. have you remove your RAM at all,check all connections,make sure your GPU/RAM is seated correctly,clear cmos,etc
  19. just did all that, checked the connections again, resat the gpu and ram, nothing. I think this is going to be the last time I ever build my own computer, seems like I just run into problem after problem.

    I went to school for computers, and I think now after all these problems I'm constantly getting, having a career in the computer industry is the last thing I want to do.
  20. I will ask you again..have you removed your RAM sticks before you installed your LC ?
    can you get to bios ?
  21. They were left in when I was putting it together. I can't get to bios.
  22. make sure the cpu backplate (from your CPU block) is not making contact (shorting out)on the back of the MB
  23. The xspc rasa waterblock didn't come with an am3 backplate, so I read on a forum that someone drilled out the threads on the stock backplate to make it fit, so I did that. So I have metal on the back, I couldn't remember which way it came, with the plastic side facing the mobo or the metal. I have the metal side on the mobo. I'll fix that tomorrow.
  24. you can't have any contact on the back ( metal/mobo ),i hope you didn't fry your MB
  25. yup, if you look at the intel fittings, they have sticker things on them, remove them and that sticks to the Mobo, the you bolt through obviously,
    I'll be doing the same with my RX240 kit
  26. Okay, well I just cut a hole in the back of my case so I could access the back plate. I turn it around so the plasticy side is on the mobo, put it back together, I turn it on and it stays on for about 1 second and shuts off. I turn it on again, about 5 seconds and shuts off. Turn it on again, it doesn't shut off but is doing the same thing as before. no post, no beeps, nothing.
  27. Could be that you have actually shorted something on the Mobo I'd say, rma motherboard and dont mention the backplate incident :P
  28. I put it together outside the computer and the same thing happened so I guess it's the motherboard. I guess I'll RMA it. Problem though. I drilled out the threads for the back plate, so if I ship it back, the back plate and bracket won't be attached. Will newegg look past this and send me a new one anyways? or should I try to get it in there, somehow. Maybe with tape and glue (kidding) Do they test the stuff there, or just take the the customers word for it and send a new one. Also, I just looked on newegg and the mobo is out of stock, so what does that mean for me?
  29. Erm, hang on, when you say you drilled holes for the backplate, please tell me you drilled the holes IN the backplate and not the mobo?
    I'm in the UK so never used the egg but maybe an american member could say on the rma situation
  30. into the back plate, not the mobo. ha. The cpu waterblock didn't come with a back plate, just supposed to use screws and washers, which kind of worried me, I didn't want the board to flex from the weight, so I saw this thread.

    and yeah. I emailed newegg and asked if it was okay to rma. (crosses fingers)
  31. Thank gods for that, the way your last post read, I thought you'd drilled the mobo :-)
    I know theres no Amd backplate with the rasa kit, I did think of modding one of the intel ones to fit, but I dont really need the support, the way my hoses go doesn't add weight to it so I reckon I'm ok without,
    Hope your rma goes well mate
  32. "I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but unfortunately, we are not able to honor an RMA if the item has physical damage. Since you have drilled out the thread, we are not able to take it back for an RMA or it will be a total loss of Newegg. Please call the manufacturer at 1-510-739-3777 to take advantage of your end user warranty. Thank you in advance for your understanding. "

    Fantastic!! maybe I'll try to buy an amd backplate and rma it, they may not notice it.
  33. Looks like trying manf then mate, sorry things arent going well there for you :S
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