Regarding the EVGA 9600 GT Low Power Video Card, is the 300v power supply good e

I have a couple of questions regarding this recent purchase I just made. ( and I am by no means a computer techie! ) Its the EVGA Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT Low Power Edition card. I recently bought Champions Online and found the integrated card that went with my HP Pavillion was useless, so I purchased this spanking brand new one.

Two things cropped up in the course of playing the game : The game itself works GREAT! The graphics are awesome, and everything else seems to run just fine. There might be one or two things that might be a bit off, but it might not be the issue at hand.

I purchased the video card knowing that it requires a 350v Power supply, and I have a 300v Power supply. I have done some research and found that it CAN run with a 300v Power supply... I hope they are right about that.

The 2nd question at issue is I DLed Speedfan, to check the temperatures of the computer. The GPU while sitting idle or surfing the web is around 55-60c, and while playing the game its in the mid to high 70 range ( again, Celsius ). There's an icon next to the GPU temp that looks like a flame, im assuming it means the temp is running hot. Im concerned about this, and did some research on that as well. Ive had some mixed answers on this part.

What do you all think? Is my computer running too hot?? And is the 300v Power supply okay for the vid card im running?
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  1. For that low powered card, 300W is just fine...Could you give more details about that PSU that you are using...
    And as for temps, the idle temps are on the higher side...But the temps during gameplay is normal...But when does it reach those 70+ temps ? - At the start itself or after sometime ?
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