SSD for way cheaper (and other stuff).

Anyone looking to catch the steal deals in things like SSD's might want to set themselves up for alerts sent to you over at Slickdeals.

For those who don't know, the site is basically a board for netsurfers looking for and reporting sales of stuff.

That is where I heard about the Egg sale that got me an OCZ Agility 2 120 for $139.

There is a Kingston 128 SSD at for the same price right now.
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  1. The price is good but just remember the V stands for value. That usually means it is a low budget entry model with some features missing. For example, this model does not support firmware updates. In addition, it does not support Windows TRIM which hleps with garbage collection. It uses an older controller which originally caused stuttering but it appears to have been fixed.

    Here is a link to a detailed technical review at
  2. How did I do on the Agility 2 120 for the same price...good, bad, so-so?
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  5. Thanks Johnny...I feel better now. When the wife finds out i bought this and goes orbital, at least I know I got a decent deal.
  6. Now I just got to figure out how to slip in buying a 1gb 460 GTX...
  7. Good Luck with the wife and the GTX 460!!! :)
  8. +1 For slickdeals, I check it everyday.
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