Heatsink for Intel SE7520BB2

I Have Intel SE7520BB2 dual-socket server motherboard with 2 Intel Xeon LV SL8WT (2.0GHz Dual-Core Sossaman) I need to know CPU heatsinks which we can work. In Intel page no information found. Thanks
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  1. Yikes! kind of a one off line of Xeons = uses 479(M) socket
    Personally don't know off any specialized cooler for that.
    Noctua makes coolers for servers using 771/604/1366 but not that socket.
  2. Thanks for reply
  3. Somewhere in this thread told me where to get my heatsinks, and retention modules. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?200843-Building-an-Sossaman-rig
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