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i just put a new pc together. I bought a coolermaster v6 Gt for the 2600k i plan on overclocking. My question is will i damage my asus z68 mobo by tightening down the coolermaster v6 heatsink screws to there max, were they wont tighten anymore. I personally feel more secure having everything nice and tight but i dont want to hurt my new build. anyone out there have this heatsink?
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  1. Back off the screws.
    Re-tighten them once you can no longer turn with normal applied pressure = you're done.
    The quarter turn past tight doesn't apply to cpu coolers = you could damage the mobo.
  2. The tower coolers are designed to have a sort of "spring tension" with moderate tightening. If you use more than two fingers and a thumb for tightening, it's too tight. Think snug, not night.
  3. did anyone use the wrench to tighten the bolts completely down? after reading a few reviews most of the reviewers said they had used the wrench to tighten until they cant be tightened any further. I couldnt imagine cooler master including a wrench if they didnt want you to use it...
  4. Cooler master includes a socket for the back plate nuts, it has a phillips head for a screw driver. The screws that hold the cooler to the mount are normal screws. There is a reason that small screw drivers have small handles. I'm surprised we haven't heard stories about broken off screw heads shorting components out, than again, maybe we have.
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