Fan help!

i7-930 @ 3.8GHz Asus P6T-SE
Corsair HX850W
HAF 922
CM Hyper 212+
Sapphire HD 5850 Vapor-X
Corsair XMS-C9 6GB

My HAF 922 comes with a 200mm at the top as exhaust, 200mm at the front for intake, and a 120mm at the rear for exhaust and a 120mm on my hyper 212+. I recently bought another 4 Cooler Master Blade Master 120mm fans (COOLER MASTER R4-BMBS-20PK-R0 Blade Master 120mm Case Fan)

I'm planning to add another to the hyper 212+ for push/pull, 2 to the side for intake and one at the bottom for intake.

The motherboard comes with a 4-pin CPU_FAN; 3-pin CHA-FAN1-2; 3-pin PWR_FAN

I'd like to know what cables i need to make all the fans work. there's something about daisy-chaining?

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  1. Cpu_Fan = always for cooler fan
    Unless you buy a splitter the other 212+ fan will have to use a chassis fan header.
    The 3 other fans can be powered by psu molex connectors.
    I hope you realize you'll be introducing alot of dust and noise adding side intake fans.
  2. dont daisy chain fans from cpu header... daisy chaining from psu out is understandable but no no from the mobo header...

    since your fans are pwm fans i would suggest a simple way of daisy chaining multiple pwm fans but still control speeds using the mobo header... daisy chain only the power wires to a psu power out and let and pwm control and speedsense wires be connected to the mobo header... you need to either buy this splitter or just mod cables like this config (see the second pic in zoom for better idea)
  3. so i should buy a pwm y cable to plug both fans at hyper 212+ into the mobo CPU_FAN header, but i can plug the rest into the psu?

    exactly what cable should i need to plug them into the psu i can't find it =/ ( a picture would be good )

    and how to daisychain and what do i need to daisychain

    I just realized i know next to nothing about connecting fans. =(
  4. Yes, use the splitter on both the 212's fans, plugged into the Cpu plug on Mobo,
    and daisy the rest from the molez line on the psu
    daisy-chaining requires a fan with two molex plugs on it, one male, one female,
    you take the plug from the psu and plug it into the first fan, then the other plug from that fan goes to the next fan, and so on
    The fans you've bought dont have molex plugs so a fan controller is needed, or different fans
  5. Hmmm. I'll get a splitter to both 212+ fans to the cpu header and 2 fans to the 3-pin ones at the chassis.

    this leaves me with 4 fans left,

    i'll find some cables at the hardware shop. i've seen some 3pin male to molex cables online and not very sure which to get. i imagine the hardware shop should haev a better idea of what i need. wanna chain them all to run off the psu, and i don't wanna buy a fan controller
  6. Thats the best plan right there, you nailed it mate :) the molex adaptors you want are like this

    just rewire the 5v positive wire to the 12v positive wires (yellow) to run them all at full speed
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