MM DRIVER INF IS MISSING system 32 no start up disc need to install mmdriver.inf

i have looked and looked for the missing mmdriver.inf missing from system 32. i looked on the computer , microsoft web site, manufacturer site. my computer is about 6 years old. i have had sound in the past, then lost sound don't know what happened. i have found web sites that want me to pay for the missing file. i don't know if that will be able to fix my problem. my computer is a dell looked on their web site and it was not available (mmdriver.inf). please please please please help iam desperate.
thank you,
cyndi martin
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  1. If all you want is the inf file, copy and paste the part below in red into notepad.

    Do a "Save as" and use the name "mmdriver.inf" including the quotes !
    Either save into the system32 folder, or copy it there from wherever you save it to.

    1 = "Windows Whistler Professional CD-ROM" , TAGFILE = cdrom_ip.5


    read-syms Signature
    return $(FileType)

    cdaudio = 1:MCICDA.DLL, "CDAudio", "(MCI) CD Audio",,
    imaadpcm = 1:IMAADP32.ACM,"MSACM.imaadpcm", "IMA ADPCM Audio CODEC",,
    Indeo = 1:IR32_32.DLL, "VIDC.IV32, VIDC.IV31", "Indeo codec by Intel",,
    mciavi = 1:MCIAVI32.DLL, "AVIVideo", "(MCI) Microsoft Video for Windows",,,msvidc
    midimapper = 1:MIDIMAP.DLL, "MidiMapper", "MIDI Mapper",,
    mmdrv = 1:MMDRV.DLL, "Wave,MIDI,Aux", "Low level Wave, MIDI and AUX support"
    msadpcm = 1:MSADP32.ACM,"MSACM.msadpcm", "Microsoft ADPCM Audio CODEC",,
    msg711 = 1:MSG711.ACM,"MSACM.msg711", "Microsoft CCITT G.711 Audio CODEC",,
    msgsm610 = 1:MSGSM32.ACM,"MSACM.msgsm610", "Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC",,
    msvidc = 1:MSVIDC32.DLL, "VIDC.MSVC", "Microsoft Video 1",,,
    sequencer = 1:MCISEQ.DLL, "Sequencer", "(MCI) Midi Sequencer",,
    trspch = 1:TSSOFT32.ACM,"MSACM.trspch", "DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC",,
    VIDC.CVID = 1:ICCVID.DLL, "VIDC.CVID", "Cinepak Codec by Radius Inc.",,
    VIDC.MRLE = 1:MSRLE32.DLL, "VIDC.MRLE", "Microsoft RLE Codec",,
    wave = 1:MCIWAVE.DLL, "WaveAudio", "(MCI) Sound",, "4"
    wavemapper = 1:MSACM32.DRV, "WaveMapper", "Microsoft Audio Compression Manager",,



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