Is SSD really worth it?

I mean really, whats the big deal...
1TB SATA- 8- bucks
500 GB SSD- $1400

makes no sense

EDIT: $80 not 8 :lol:
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    YES definatly worth it... depending on your situation though:

    SSD = Solid State Drive
    SSD is much faster because it has no discs and does not need to spin.

    Sata = Serial ATA
    Sata has discs and is measured in speed by the RPMs it spins said discs.

    SSD wont be destroyed by vibration and shock like a SATA drive would because of the lack of actual discs.
    to some it's a matter of need it ... and to some it's a matter of gotta have it.
  2. BTW, where did you find an 8 dollar terrabyte drive?
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