INTEL MOBO probs...need help urgent

Hey guyz...
i got this intel pc in an equipment in my office.whenever the pc is restarted all the settings such as date time n all goes back..... and i have to reset it all the time.wat would be the problem in it??the board is a i think 3 years old or smthing. its an intel 945G...Please help...this equipments is giving me a whole loota trouble in office...would b really greatfull if i could get sm help..

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  1. Change the CMOS battery?
  2. oh kk does that effect too ? sry for my dumbness :P
  3. If the settings are lost when turned off, that would be a bad bios battery. A bad battery shouldn't/wouldn't cause "whole loota trouble". Without knowing what the problems are i can't suggest what to do.
  4. yes its just all bios setting going back to default....
  5. Replace battery. Should be attached to the mobo, look like a flat disk/coin.
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