Need major help please!

Does anyone have any tips/advise on how to OC my Sapphire HD4670 1GB.

I have used RivaTuner and I can only get a PALTRY 4% increase!!! On AMD Overdrive I can get a 5% increase! By any standard, this is almost negligible!!! I get an "extra" 1-2FPS increase across the board..... Hmmmm.... EXCITING..... :D

When ever I exceed the 5% mark the system just crashes over and over and over and over again!!! I think I have busted the OS and need to reinstall.... :D I have started getting random BSOD's ever now and then(even if the clocks are at default!)!!! Not a good thing!!

Be very grateful if some could give me some very sound advise!
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  1. Is it already overclocked?
    What temperatures do Rivatuner show?
    If it's getting hot try the CCC to increase the fan speed.
    Overclocking is a lottery, perhaps you are just unlucky.
  2. Im getting 67C and the fan speed is up to 95%!
    Do you possibly know of any other OC'ing software that I can use? :D
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