Asus m2n win 7 64-bit

There are no drivers for my motherboard M2N Deluxe for Win 7, and therefore my PC sometimes crashes.That problem appeared only after I installed Win 7 professional.I tried all,but I don't know what is the problem.If anyone knows what the problem is?Help.
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  1. Hi rez. I just did a custom install of Win7-64 and have no issues on a M2N-E SLI. I didn't have to re-install any drivers for the mobo. What I did was unplug everything but the monitor, mouse and keybrd, disabled IDE stuff in BIOS, installed 7 and let it load it's own. Then reconnect peripherals one by one and 7 will find the rite drivers.

    What do you have for RAM and Vid? Also, don't let Windows Update install ANYthing NVidia. Do those on your own.
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