, will 3gb DDR3 memory performs weaker than 4gb DDR2 memory?

As the title says, , will 3gb DDR3 memory (single stick) be weaker than 4gb (2gb x 2 gb) DDR2 memory? The shop i'll be getting my new parts for pc doesnt offers DDR3 2 gb x 2 gb memory sticks :( ; it only offers a single 3gb or 6gb ones. The motherboard i'll be getting is phenom ll black 965.

So i am wondering how will DDR3 3gb 1600 MHz CL8 fare against a DDR2 4gb memory?

I'll be getting my parts from here. It is in singapore dollars

*edit, the pc im getting will be used for some heavy-casual gaming
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  1. Well,about DDR2 and DDR3,the difference isn't noticeable in games and most apps
    About 4GB VS 3GB,well the difference isn't much in this case too but the extra GB of RAM may become handy in future and some games benefit from more RAM too.
    This article compares 3GB vs 6GB vs 12GB:
  2. A single 3GB stick? As far as I know, that doesn't exist. Are you sure it isn't a single 2GB stick paired with a single 1GB stick?
  3. For DDR3 dual channel (kits of 2-4-8gb or sticks of 1-2-4gb ) u have to look in your price list o your shop at Memory section,at this products:

    PC3-10666/1333 CorsairCL9 78
    PC3-12800/1600 CorsairCL9 195
    PC3- 8500/1066 Kingston CL7 40
    PC3-10600/1333 KingstonCL9 41 73
    PC3-12800/1600 Kingston CL8 218
    PC3-16000/2000 Kingston CL9 249
    OCZ 10666/1333 DDR3 CL9 78
    OCZ 12800/1600 DDR3 CL9 Obsidian
    OCZ 15000/1866 DDR3 CL9 Platinum

    Memory DDR3 section treats only 3 channel DDR3 memory kits for X58 based systems.
    This is just a baaad list.
  4. @technuttso

    you mean those you listed are compatible with DDR3?
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