Cpu or Mobo issue

Hi guys, I have recently started to have some issues with my computer.

My specs are:

E6600 + xigmatech dark knight
evga 680i sli
gtx 260
4 gb ocz reaper ram 1066

I did some overclocking about a month before, and found out that I could only get my e6600 to about 3.15 ghz, I was a bit disappointed in the number, but since it would play everything I want perfectly okay, I found no reason to complain. Starting about last week though, I've been having some crashes in my games, and I have noticed that the somewhere inside the case, there is this slightly high pitched static-y noise. So I stepped down my overclock a bit to 3.0(1334 fsb) ghz with the same voltage, about 1.4125V.
From that time on, there has always been this weird noise when I do anything that's not idling and when I play tf2 for about half an hour, it crashes and I have to do a hard reboot.

I am fairly sure its not a temperature issue, since I always monitor with realtemp + coretemp, which is about 40 idle, 57 ish load.

I eventually stepped it down little by little to 2.7gigs(1200 fsb), but was still getting the crashing thing in tf2. I'm pretty busy now, so I havent gotten a chance to run any stability tests, and I'm currently running at stock with no problems so far.

Does anyone know what could be the issue off of the top of their head? I've heard that a bad capacitor can make this type of noise, but I can't be sure. Maybe its just that the hardware is a bit old and its time to upgrade?

Any sort of help would be appreciated!
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  1. Looking at your spec, it seems you don't pay much attention to your psu.

    I suspect your psu is complaining about that right now :)
  2. I forgot to mention it earlier but I have a pc power and cooling 750 watt silencer that was purchased less than 4 months ago, so its likely that we can eliminate this from the equation, I was about to update nonetheless.

    Thanks for the reply! :)

    I am pretty confident the sound is not a psu overloading sound as well.

    Any other thoughts?
  3. when your computer is idle, there is no sound, but when it loads you hear the sound?

    will it could be the cpu fan.

    or it could be your graphics card fan.
  4. or most likely its the psu.

    Not too much else will make that noise.
  5. Overclocking the CPU will not increase system power demands by more than about 20 watts. So if the noise is coming from the PSU, it sounds like you have a defective PSU.

    Have you tried pulling the side of the case and trying to localize the noise?
  6. I have another psu at home that I have also try with a similar noise. this noise only occurs when i overclock past a certain threshold, around 2.7 ghz, 1200 fsb at 1.35 volts it was not stable, and the noise could be detected.

    I'm pretty sure its not the fans, as i can just unplug them one by one and eliminate them. I'm also not sure if I am describing the noise correctly. There is no static-y sound when I just let my computer idle, but with the overclock to 2.7, the noise can be heard if I, say, drag a window around the desktop, and if I stop, the noise stops as well.

    If I start playing tf2, the noise is basically always on.

    Sorry if this is not very clear, I will try to see if I can localize the noise a bit better tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the help
  7. Well now ,applying the KISS ,,principle there are only so many items inside of a computer that as a result of being functional make any sound when used 1 the hdd's,,2. the dvd/cd, 3, the floppy drive and,,4,the fans ,, anything else should/could be indicative of some sort of failure/malfunction so ,,listen very carefully..;>)
  8. I would also suspect the PSU - but if you have tried another unit then what about the Graphics Card ? they require additional power connectors due to the large load the draw from the PSU and PCI-EW slot. Now it could well be that over time your PSU is losing effiency and as a result doesnt quite provide the maximum power the video cards needs.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the continued support,

    I am fairly certain that it is not the psu, since the pcp&c one I bought was in mid june.

    It is possible that that could be the cause, but I assume i can eliminate this as the cause, if i were to just up the voltage without increasing any of the clocks, and see if it still causes failures.

    I am at work currently, but will see what i can come up with when i get home today.
  10. its not the PSU, its most likly the cpu.
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