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hi am building my first pc and will be running it as a media center. i need advice on what the best graphic card i can run with a corsair vx450, my system so far consists of

amd phenom ii x3 720 2.8GHz black edition

asus m4a79xtd evo 790x

samsung hd 103sj spinpoint

lg gh22ns40 22x sata dvd/rw

2x tv tuners

g.skill ripjaw 4gb (2x2gb) ddr3

what i would like to know is could i get away with running a ati hd 4890 graphics card with this set up or would i need to go for a smaller graphic card,
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  1. I think 450 is cutting it a bit close for a 4890. A 4870 should be okay though.

    Is there any reason you need such massive graphics power for just a media center pc? Are you going to game on it?
  2. +1 unless its a gaming media centre. save your money for a better screen or something
  3. i have already got a screen from my last media centre which died on me last week a 26 inche lcd tv and yes i do love my games and was in the process of upgrading that cause i was having problems with my psu thats why i got the corsair 450 last month but know have to start from scratch but want to use the corsair as its only a month old and thanks for the replys guys
  4. For a home theater pc you might want to consider the ATI Radeon HD 4770 video card. It is a very good mid-level, general purpose card. It is ideally suited for a home theater pc, is energy efficient, requires only one 6 pin PCI-e power cable, and is only 8.5 inches long. Technical reviews have been very favorable. It doesn't get much better than that.

    The Corsair VX450 is an excellent power supply and will not have any problems powering your system with a 4770.
  5. thanks for the replys, silly question here but dose it make any differance who acctualy makes the graphic card?
  6. They are all modeled after the reference design by ati for the stock version unless they specifically say that there are some enhancements, such as a factory overclock.

    The cooling systems can vary between the difference cards as well.

    Personally I would go with XFX since they have a great double lifetime warranty and have always had great support.

    If you find it cheaper from another brand, that would be fine too, I don't think 4770 prices between vendors differ by an extreme amount.
  7. I have the XFX version. It has a dual slot fan shroud that exhausts air out the rear panel of the pc:
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