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USB ports not working

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December 7, 2009 7:39:56 AM

I came home from work to have my wife tell me that her computer had had issues while I was gone. First, her mouse had stopped working. Then her keyboard. Now, neither one works. So I booted up her computer and tried to go to the BIOS menu to make sure they worked outside Windows... nada. The keyboard and mouse may as well not even have been plugged in for all the difference it made. Her computer starts up and runs fine, and it shuts itself down when you hit the power button, but you obviously can't do anything without a mouse and keyboard. (When I was fiddling with trying different USB ports, I think I managed to get the computer to blue screen with some USB-related message once it tried shutting down. Not sure if that really means anything given that the keyboard and mouse don't work outside Windows.)

So I'm thinking that the USB ports on the motherboard may be the problem. Possible? If so, is there any way to find out for sure? And if my motherboard is out of warranty (it's a GIGABYTE and I assume it has the typical 1-year warranty that everything seems to have), am I totally SOL? I just put Windows 7 OEM into it, so I really don't want to replace the motherboard and then have my brand new copy of Windows 7 rendered totally useless because I'm changing her motherboard.

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