Oh crap......

not as bad as it sounds lol, I saw http://www.tekheads.co.uk/product/In-Win-Dragon-Rider-Full-Tower-E-ATX-PC-Case_36603.html about a week ago,
decided my upgrade pc plan was actually a build new Rig plan,
started planning a build and http://www.watercoolingshop.co.uk/XSPC-Rasa-750-RX240-WaterCooling-Kit_ASLZF.aspx came into my field of view, not a bad price to get into real water I figured so yup, I'm planning my first waterbuild now,
Scoping out the various uk sites and found http://www.frozenqpcmods.com/lf.php ...........
I couldn't just have one, in my mind its two on top of the case in front of the rad
What have i gotten myself into hehe....
Still I should be ordering the case in a day or two once the rents gone out the bank then I can start modding it ready for when I can afford the rest of it all :P
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  1. Oh dear, you found the "t-virus" res. I want one of those so badly, but it's just not in the current budget. :(

    It gets worse when you pick up a tool or two from the hardware store and realize all the other non-computer projects you can take on with it.
  2. I'm a sucker for picking up extra's at the local hardware shop, nip in for black spraypaint, come out with a router and workbench set lol
    but I will have two of those resses in parallel after the rad, then the rasa's pump will send it back to the cpu block, 24h test beforehand ofc :P
    just watched a nice vid where some guy put a variable rheostat on the light, dimmer than full whack hehe
  3. ^Cant run them in parallel, mountings are both at same end, so I'd have to feed one res, put the output from that into the intake on the second one, then that output goes to the pump/res inside,
    I am starting to wish I'd never seen that gorram case now lol
  4. Series...rather than parallel.
  5. Cant do parallel due to the input/outlet as I noticed once I saw a better review with a good set of pictures, what I'd revised it to was

    Rasa pump/res>Cpu block
    Cpu block>Rad inlet
    Rad outlet> cool res one input,
    C.r.1 output>C.r.2 input
    C.r.2 outlet> Rasa pump/res

    One thing I've considered is the removal of the pump from its own res as having three reservoirs maybe a stupid thing to do, but the two Cool resses would have to be in series so I have to work on the fixings plan a bit,
    I have to say though, I'm really looking forward to the challenge
    <Feels like kid at christmas :P>
    But rest assured that yourself, conumdrum and others here will be consulted as much as I feel is needed :)
  6. Any reason for having more than the included Rasa reservoir? They won't help with temps, but they will add to the bling factor.

    And yes, series vs. parallel is what you have for loop order...what you want to avoid is 'Y-splitting' the tubing then back...this kills your flow rate.
  7. /Sobs like child, They're pretty,waaaaah!! :P
    it is purely aesthetics man, I saw the Rasa kits and it tempted me to make the jump to the W/c club,
    but then I started checking out uk sites, oh, thats nice, hmm, they look good, oh hell, I could spend a **Edit, Several** months wages on Water lol
    The build I have planned is going in an Inwin Dragonrider 240Rx rad on top at back, and I thought the two resses at the front of the case would add to the visual appeal as well as hopefully being functional,
    I have a bet with a guy at work though, once its built I have to put it on ebay to see if it sells lol (Minimum bid would be cost of build of course)
    /crosses fingers and hopes it wont sell hehe
    The 'y' splitting was actually my first idea but apart from it not being feasible from a mountings p.o.v. now I know it'll affect the performance I'd not do it anyway
    I appreciate your input man, its going to be my first Waterbuild and although nervous, I'm also very excited :)
  8. Yeah, if it's simply aesthetics, go for it if you have the cash. Otherwise, don't expect a change in temps...simply a change in the amount of 'ooohhhhssss and ahhhhhhs' you get. :)

    The Rasa kits are pretty solid for the money. The RX kits run the RX series rads which are better performing than the RS. Either way the kit is great for first timers or someone not wanting to worry about which component to get from where.
  9. Yes, after a little research I did figure the extra money for the RX was worth it, and its not that I have the cash, its just my Modding braincell takes over and starts planning wilder and wierder things (Sometimes they even have a purpose lol)
    I should be ordering the case tomorrow (rent goes out the 1st so I know what playmoney I have then) and whilst I'm preparing that I can sell bodyparts to finance the rest of the build
  10. Good luck...post back with pics and updates. Always good to see what a build looks like after it goes in.
  11. I'll be doing a log ofc like my other builds,
    I have a thread on homebuild planning it already so it maybe in there, probably a new one on its own though
  12. Its the size of a housebrick on steroids lol :P

    Me likey.....
  13. Nice...keep us posted.
  14. Case came today as well so its measuring, planning, rethinking etc tomorrow,
    one good thing I'm seeing is the Mobo and chip prices are coming down, by the time I buy those they should be £10 each, maybe even a bundle deal :P
    check other thread for progress though, I'll post what I can when I can
  15. Well after a lot of waiting for U.K. suppliers to get any in stock,
    I figured I would save time by going straight to FrozenQ and buying from him, ordered them, two days later I get an email saying they are packed and ready to post,
    Great service that man,
    /maniacal grin: On
    not here yet, but they're coming soon :) <Not itchy at all.....
  16. Check my other thread for progress, slowly getting there lol :)
    **Edit, my new sig looks out of place on this thread lol, :)**
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