AMD965BE and ASUS890GX overclock guide?

Ive been checking all the posts but,Does anyone have or want to help me get the overclock settings i need for a ASUS 890GX mobo,AMD x4 965 BE cpu,Kingston 2x2GB HyperX 1800 ram,1000w Laser modular psu,ATI HIS 5770 gfx card..with a Thermaltake case and over 8 fans and alot more detailed info if you need it but I basically just want to see what this bad boy does now with a new bios update that let me push it alot further into the 4.2-4.4ghz zone with mild 17x multiplier and 233 clock.I read the post about trying to push one of these cpu's past 4.2 and didnt really get a straight answer for vcore settings and such.Im stable at 4.1 or so, vcore at 1.5(is that ok?)with a TT black widow v1 (pretty huge)copper fin air cooler.Im also wondering about fan speed programs I have that came with the mobo like fanXpert because they are very unreliable.I was hoping someone here might have a similar setup and could advise correct numbers for voltages and clock settings etc...Ive had this beast for over a year and now I want to see what it does on full speed.I looked over 4Ryans OC guide and alot of other posts but I just want to get it perfect with correct vcore,ram and timings settings.Thanks for your time if you can help any.You guys are the bomb diggity giggity.
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  1. Heres my cpuz validation, . Not bumping just an update after toying around with it at 19x221 at 4.199.Then I looked over carefully every setting in everyones posts about this and none worked untill I seen JofaMang and titanium02's replies in another post about this.The settings are now 21x200 which is wierd never considering using only the multiplier and dropping the stock default 216 fsb down to 200.I set my vcore to 1.525 and dram voltage to 1.5(which it runs 1.49 all the time anyways default).What else can I do....I'm going to drop the vcore now untill it doesnt boot and so on...but now I guess its ram timings and voltages or something else like NB setting and so on.So now im stuck again untill I can find that happy medium in making it more stable considering my timings are 9-9-9-24 and loose as hell,lol.If u have any advice plz do so thank you.
  2. Best answer settings on this set-up is
    20.5 multi. with a 200 fsb....If you got yours to 4.2 stable thats the ***...I couldn't get 4.2 stable even at 1.525 volts..I didn't want to go to 1.55 v with it..
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  4. Yea I really dont want to go past the 1.538 vcore setting I had to set because it wasnt stable either at 1.55 or higher and 4.2ghz. Cpu temp is 92-95F idle(damn Florida lol).Now heres the problem.FSB is set to 200 and the divider or whatever sets ram speed to 1600 when I want it at the 1800 Im supposed to be getting.I tryed to down the multiplier and up the FSB like 20x210 to get the same 4.2 effect to no avail...crashes galore in bios and win7.So question do I set my ram to 1800 when I cant adjust the fsb? If getting a higher ram speed means losing OC and you dont think its worth it lemme know please.I guess Im gunna either wait or go post in memory about this eventually. Also Happy Memorial Day everyone,thank God for our soldiers and thier courage.
  5. UPDATE took alot more power vcore style but i did it kinda i guess lol...2nd update I keep changing it around to get more satisfying results is newer settings that are more stable...
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