What to buy to fit E8400 + ATI HD5850?

Hi guys I've ordered an ATI hd 5850 (coming early January) and am in need of a bigger case, mobo and PSU.

Current System:

Novatech Isys EX Pro

Micro ATX Tower
PSU 300watt 400peak
Core2Duo E8400 2x3ghz
Pallit GeForce 9600GT 512MB PCI
2x2GB DDR2 800 SDRAM
500GB Sata II HDD
DVD-RW (+R double layer)

As you can see I'm quite a budget gamer :lol: If you could possibly recommend a case motherboard and psu for around £200 it would be greatly appreciated.

The requirements really are just onboard sound, 1 or more pci e slots (no crossfire needed right now) and space for a 24cm card which doesn't block the hdd connectors. Bus overclocking for the cpu would be nice but not essential (I've heard it ocs to 3.6ghz piece of cake)

The case doesn't have to look anything special and the PSU is what i would likely spend the most money on. I may be able to acquire a case soon so I can hopefully put all the money into a good 600watt+ psu and socket 775 compatible board.

Thanks for any help at all you can give, I really know nothing when it comes to the finer details of motherboards and memory. :D
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  1. Why dont you throw in a little bit more and change it completely.
    Gigabyte GA-EP45C-DS3R.
    Corsair VX550W.
    Don't know if you that is going to fit into your budget or not, coz i have very little idea about UK prices.
    If you are going to SLI/CF in future, Corsair TX750W.
  2. Thanks a lot, that does indeed look like a very nice board.. It comes to around £160 with that psu so with some luck i should be able to get a case aswell for my budget.
  3. Availability seems to be quite limited here on that particular board. Would the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR board be a decent purchase?

    I plan on going for an i5 or i7 board, cpu and ddr3 memory upgrade in a year or so. I wont be getting another 5850 any time soon so should this be decent enough for what I need right now?
  4. actually it appears the card will be blocked on the UD3LR :(
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