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I bought 4gb (2gbx2) corsair memory modules. One of them turned out faulty, so sent to the corsair. Today received a brand new 4gb pack (again 2gbx2). But i still have working 2gb module from previous pack. So my question would be, if i would insert all 3 modules (total 6gb) would it be ok with my system (those are identical modules timmings, voltage etc, just 2 are paired and one is from another "pairing"). ALso, would 6gb be much a difference than 4gb?

I have windows 7 installed on striker 2 formula mobo with e8300 cpu.

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  1. I'm no guru but I have seen on several sites where you can get a new comp built w/ 6G ram so I would assume that you could run it, I'm not sure if it was 1GX6 or 2GX3 though. I've also heard ram compared to money and horsepower... you can never have enough.
  2. I know that i want more, just need an advice is it worth putting in and would it work ok :)
    Like Clarkson would say: Power!!!!!
  3. If they are all identical, then its fine, you can easily plug them in and use, no problems! Lucky you... 6GB for the price of 4!!! ;)
  4. if its dual channel memory id stick to a 4gb matched dual channel config
  5. apache_lives said:
    if its dual channel memory id stick to a 4gb matched dual channel config

    So, if i understood correctly i would be better with 4gb? The sticks are 2x2048 paired and 1x2048 froom other pair but their model numbers are exactly the same.
  6. Running all 6Gb together will work but it will run with half the throughput of using only 4Gb.
    Reason being, your DDR2 RAM runs in Dual Channel Mode, it accesses data from pairs of DIMMs simultaneously, somewhat like a RAID setup.
    When you run an odd number of DIMMs, your memory controller will default to single channel mode, accessing each stick individually.

    Unless you run an application that benefits from more than 4Gb of RAM, you will see no boost in performance from running 6gb over 4Gb.
    Quite to the contrary, your performance will actually drop by doing so.

    Personally, I would either run a single pair for 4Gb of RAM or locate another 2Gb stick that runs at the same timings and voltage for a total of 8Gb.
  7. Thanks, that makes sense. Point taken unless it is a pair, it will not result in better performance.
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