Usb Over Current Voltage detected

Anyone have encountered this error. I use to get this i one of my mother board. An asus p5pe-vm.
As the display goes on the error pops up.
Usb over current voltage detected
system will restart in 15 seconds.
this 15 seconds timer won't allow me make changes on the bios setup. i've tried reoving the mother board and install a keyboard and display only. No other devices. But still i get annoyed with this error message. can anyone share some tricks to repair the problem.
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  1. Make sure your USB headers are plugged in properly. If you've bent a USB port when something is plugged in it, it can do this too.

    Also, make sure you don't have any screws floating around on the mobo.
  2. I agree with festerovic, I had a similar problem when I use to plug in my PDA into the PC. Whenever I plugged it in I got the same error.

    Whenever I tweaked the lead the error would sometimes disappeared so I chopped off the end that was connected to my PDA and resoldered it.

    It's been working fine ever since (touch wood). I assumed the cable must have developed a short with use.

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