Hard drive not being recognized in native sata mode?


My hp pavilion dv6298ea laptop suddenly stopped recognizing my hard drive with windows 7 when Bios is set to Native SATA. There is no problem when set to IDE mode. The bios is phoenix and is current. The whole system freezes on reboot after the first screen. On pressing ESC for boot options the Bios recognizes my drive but then freezes. Is it the problem with the SATA connector that (connects the hard disk to the motherboard) or is my mother board really screwed up??? Somebody please help
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  1. Just set it to IDE mode. I can't answer all your questions because I'm not familiar with your specific bios. But there's no point in switching it if it's performing fine--especially since the IDE/SATA mode setting should not impact performance anyways.

    In fact, with a laptop, there's pretty much no reason to enter a bios other than to change RAM settings.
  2. hi sir,

    i`m using SATA hard disk and XP3 OS but it will not detect on my PC yesterday morning what should i do to fixed this kind of trouble? pls. help
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